“Children who use the Suzuki approach learn to play music with enjoyment, competence and fearlessness.” – The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green


Welcome to my studio, where wonderful things happen each week! 

We juggle hard work, good music, technique and FUN.

All students have a daily practice plan, and receive regular weekly private lessons during the school year, or lessons by appointment in the summer.   

Five levels of Group Classes, meeting twice a month on Saturdays, offer support for lesson material, peer motivation, and preparation for our Annual Group Concert and Solo Recitals. 

Students are motivated to progress by preparing for both Group and Solo performances and the annual American String Teacher's Association Certificate Advancement Program Exam.

Registered students may Login to access the calendar pages, schedule/reschedule lessons online, get info on upcoming concerts and recitals, and check their account.


Ruth Brons

Inventor of Things 4 Strings® Bow Hold Accessories

2014 Recipient of the American String Teachers Association Kudos Award

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